BS in Electronics

In order to keep adequate in this modern and advance era of science and technology, this program is planned to help students with the state-of-art skills. The program facilitates the students to cope the basic concept and to solve practical problems in the related fields by using advance software and hardware experiments in the lab. Besides the highly qualified and skilled faculty, the department is also fully equipped with latest laboratories.
The main objective of this program is to provide students in-depth knowledge in the field of electronics. This program produces graduates who are suitable for ICT (such as PTCL, mobile companies, communication industries, universities and research organizations) and electronic industries. BS in Electronics (BSEL) program is not and engineering program but graduates of this degree program will be able to work in engineering disciplines related to electronics, power electeronics, communication, networking and telecommunication. Various specialized courses and tools will be covered during the four years degree program to increase job opportunity of the graduates.
Category Credit Hr. Description
University Requirements 24 General Education Courses - Required by all AU students
Department Requirements 27 Support area courses - Only required for students who are registered in
Engineering and related degrees
Core Courses 67 Core engineering courses
Technical Electives 12 Specialization courses
Industrial Training - Internship 02 Students will be required to complete one or two internships during the four years studies.
In case of internship program cannot be offered due to any reason, students will be required
to take courses from the job placement category
Total 132