Smart Intelligence

An OCR Engine for Android and iPhone Smart Phones

This is an ICT R&D Funded Project awarded to ABASYN University. The project intends to develop a state of the art OCR Engine which can be used by the developers to develop their own applications. Mobile Computing is considered to be one of the most fascinating areas of research of the computing discipline these days. Success of this project would not only result in research experience and related advantages for the developers inside Pakistan but will also stimulate the smart phones software development in Pakistan.

Renzym Pvt Ltd.

Renzym Pvt Ltd products are focused on the development of true SDRs with the minimum of implementation effort in the hardware. Our team is striving to provide our customers with state of the art SDR platforms and software frameworks that can enable them to build software defined radios directly from personal desktops/laptops using USB and sound card interfaces. Our main products include:

HF SDR Transceiver

HF SDR Transceiver is a high performance, direct conversion HF transceiver for high data rate, long range HF Tactical radios with frequency hopping and ALE capabilities. Its key features include 48 KHz of channel bandwidth, onboard DDS chip for carrier generation and USB interface.

SDR Communication Kit

SDR Communication Kit enables true SDR development directly from Matlab/LabView class room simulations. It is a USB powered device specifically designed for hands on communication system design experience for engineering labs and organizations involved in the SDR development.

Renzym SDR Framework

RSF is a digital modem software with more than 15 built-in PSK, QAM and FSK waveforms and C/Python APIs for development and rapid prototyping of SDRs. It can be used with HST, SCK or other front end hardware to readily build a real-time communication system.

PurePush Pvt Ltd.

PurePush Pvt Ltd is anoter company hosted by the Abasyn University Islamabad campus which focuses on the development of mobile application and related tasks. Some of the projects of the Pure Push Pvt Ltd are given below:

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality, in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality. By contrast, virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one.
Abasyn University has well established platform for R&D projects specially Augmented Reality. Under this platform, different projects have been developed and some of them are under process. The list of these projects are as follows:

Ufone advertise

Ufone advertisement AR application enables the user to get to know the latest Value added services offered by Ufone. The user points the mobile device to a specific image which triggers the application and a 3d model of a boy appears which seems to explain the services offered by Ufone. It also contains an option for the user to get information about any of the 2 latest services offered by Ufone, which the user selects through Virtual Buttons.

Video Play

Video Play is also an AR based advertisment application. While running this application, when the user points his mobile device camera to the logo of Qualcomm, the video of Qualcomm launches through youtube.

Alphabets (English and Arabic)

We have developed Augmented reality based educational application named AR based ABC book which is an example of marker based augmented reality. When user runs the application, the mobile device camera has starts. In this application, there are 26 markers/pictures (one for each alphabet). When the user points the mobile device camera towards any picture, the animated 3D model of an object related to that alphabet will appear and the sound plays e.g if a user points mobile device camera towards the picture of alphabet “A”, the 3D model of Apple will appear and sound plays “A for Apple”, which is very easy to understand for a kid of kindergarten. As the 3D model is animating, after seeing it, the kid is amazed and feels as if he/she is seeing a live size object. Same is the case for all alphabets of ABC. Also we have developed Arabic alphabets book for kids which is same as ABC book.

Medical Description

Mobile Medicine Describer is an AR based application which enables the user to get to know about a medicine whenever the user points his mobile device to the logo of a medicine. For example, when the user points his mobile to the logo of panadol, a graphical overlay of textual information is displayed on the screen which tells the user that in what circumstances, should the patient take panadol tablets.

AR Piono

AR Piano is an entertainment application. When the user points the mobile device camera towards the picture of piano, the virtual piano keys will appear and then the user can interact virtually with the keys. When a user virtually touches any key, the sound of that specific note will play and this way the user can play piano without having a real piano.

AR Car

We have developed Augmented reality based CAR application which is an example of marker based augmented reality. When the user points the mobile device camera towards a marker, the 3D model of a car will appear and four GUI buttons for selecting colors are appeared on screen. Now the user can experience augmented reality by changing the colors of a car by pressing any of four GUI buttons. When a button is pressed, the color of a car changes and user can see that car 3D model in every dimension by rotating the marker. This application can be used by any car manufacturer company for advertisement and marketing. They can use this application in their showrooms to let their customer order a car of any customized color. In future, we are planning to develop the next phase of this application in which the user can open/close the doors, windows, bonnet, trunk and sunroof having the augmented car in live size.