BE in Electrical Engineering

The Department of Engineering offers a four years degree program in BE Electrical Engineering which is permitted by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).
The main objective of this program is to provide quality education in the field of Electrical Engineering. The desired output of the program is to produce electrical engineers who are able to handle the technical issues of the field today and are prepared to address the challenges of ever growing and ever changing field of Electrical Engineering. Our industry oriented curriculum makes sure that our graduates will be able to fulfill the requirements of the local and foreign industry. Our focus on incorporating R&D practices in the academics will make sure that our graduates are able to work on novel problems and come up with ground breaking solutions.
  • To provide quality education in the field of Electrical Engineering.
  • To enable the students to work in the industrial environment.
  • To enable the students to handle latest research issues in the field of Electrical Engineering.

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Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Pre Req.
NS111 Applied Physics 3+1 None
SS108 Islamic Studies / Ethics (for non Muslim students) 2+0 None
CS100 Introduction to Computing 3+0 None
SS104 English I (English Comprehension) 3+0 None
MT101 Calculus& Analytical Geometry 3+0 None
EE112 Workshop Practice 0+1 None
EE121 Engineering Drawing 0+1 None
EE116 Linear Circuit Analysis-I 3+1 None
CS106 Introduction to Computer Programming 3+1 CD100
MT104 Multivariable Calculus & Differential Equation 3+0 MT101
SS124 English � II (Communication Skills) 3+0 SS104
EE200 Digital Logic Design 3+1 None
EE213 Electrical Network Analysis 3+1 EE116
SS211 Mechanical Technology 3+0 None
EE215 Electronic Devices & Circuits 3+1 EE116
MT214 Complex Variable & Transforms 3+0 MT104
EE223 Signals & System 3+1 MT214
EE224 Electronics Circuit Design 3+1 EE215
CS210 Data Structure & Algorithm 3+1 CS106
MT221 Linear Algebra 3+0 None
SS118 Pak Studies 2+0 None
EE315 Electrical Machines 3+1 EE116
EE316 Digital Signal Processing 3+1 EE223
EE313 Probability Methods in Engineering 3+0 MT101
EE311 Electromagnetic Field Theory 3+0 NS111
EE300 Microprocessor Based Systems 3+1 EE200
EE321 Communication System 3+1 EE223
EE322 Linear Control Systems 3+1 EE223
EE324 Measurement & Instrumentation 3+1 EE215
EE421 Computer Communication & Networks 3+0 EE211
SS211 English � III (Technical Report Writing) 3+0 SS124
MS413 Engineering Economics & Management 3+0 None
EE312 Applied Thermodynamics 3+0 None
EE4xx Elective I 3+1 None
EE4xx Elective II 3+0 None
EE498 Project � I 3+0 None