BS in Software Engineering

In a world where computers and software have become essential, the science of software engineering has become a very important field. BSSE program will provide the following benefits and opportunities to students:
  • Program will be accredited from the National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC), HEC.
  • Strong foundation in the software engineering discipline.
  • Hands on practices suitable for employment.
  • In depth knowledge about modeling, analysis, design and management of software systems.
  • A number of specialization areas
  • Double specialization opportunity
  • Two internship programs during four year study

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Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Pre Req.
CS100 Introduction to Computing 3+0 None
CS106 Introduction to Computer Programming 3+1 None
MT100 Basic Mathematics 3+0 None
SS104 English-I (Comprehension) 3+0 None
SS108 Islamic Studies/Ethics (for Non-Muslims) 2+0 None
SS118 Pak Studies 2+0 None
CS200 Object Oriented Programming 3+1 CS106
EE101 Basic Electronics 3+0 NS101
SS124 English-II (Communication Skills) 3+0 SS104
MG100 Fundamental of Accounting 3+0 None
MT101 Calculus � I 3+0 MT100
MT201 Discrete Structure 3+0 MT100
SS211 English-III (Technical Report Writing) 3+0 SS124
MT102 Calculus - II 3+0 MT101
SE251 Introduction to Software Development 3+0 CS100
CS210 Data Structure and Algorithm 3+1 CS106
SS216 Introduction to Sociology 3+0 None
EE200 Digital Logic Design 3+1 EE101
SE252 Software Engineering 3+1 CS251
SS218 Introduction to Psychology 3+0 None
SE221 Web Programming Language 3+0 CS106
MT301 Probability and Statistics 3+0 MT201
SE385 Database Management Systems 3+1 CS210
SE253 Software Requirement Engineering 3+0 CS251
SE351 Computer Architecture and Organization 3+0 EE200
SE303 Operating System Concepts 3+1 CS210
xxxx SE Application Domain Elective - I 3+0 CS200
SE306 Data Communication andComputer Networks 3+0 CS100
xxxx SE Application Domain Elective � II 3+0 None
SE317 Software Design & Architecture 3+0 SE251
SE318 Formal Methods in Software Engineering 3+0 MT201
SExxx Tech. Elective � I 3+0
SE321 Software Quality Engineering 3+0 SE253
SE494 Industrial Training Internship 2+0 None
SE424 Software Project Management 3+0 SE253
SExxx Tech. Elective � II 3+0 None
SS401 Research Methodology 3+0 SS203
SE432 Human Computer Interaction 3+0 None
SE499 Final Project - I 3+0 None