Fee Structure

The University charges tuition fee on the credit hours basis. The following table shows tuition fee per credit hour for each degree program. The fee of first semester can be paid in two installment.

BE- Civil Engineering PKR 8150/-
MS- Project Management PKR 4500/-
MS- Logistic and Supply Chain Management PKR 4500/-
MS- Industrial Management PKR 4500/-
MS- Engineering Management PKR 4500/-
MS- Management Science PKR 4500/-
MS- Electrical Engineering PKR 4500/-
MS- Telecommunication & Networks PKR 4500/-
MS- Software Engineering PKR 4500/-
MS- Computer Science PKR 4500/-
BE- Electrical Engineering PKR 4250/-
Pharm-D PKR 3800/-
M.Phill - Microbiology PKR 3500/-
BS- Software Engineering PKR 3500/-
Master in Business Administration (3.5 year) PKR 2500/-
Master in Business Administration (2 - 2.5 year) PKR 2500/-
Master in Business Administration (1.5 - 2 year) PKR 2500/-
MSc- Microbiology PKR 2500/-
BS- Computer Science PKR 2250/-
BS- Microbiology PKR 2250/-
BS- English PKR 2250/-
BS- Psychology PKR 2250/-
DPT PKR 2250/-
MLT PKR 2250/-
BS- Human Nutrition & Dietetics PKR 2250/-
BS- Fashion & Design PKR 2250/-
MS- Development Studies PKR 2200/-
BS- Biotechnology PKR 2100/-
BS- Telecommunication & Networks PKR 2100/-
Bachelor in Business Administration PKR 2100/-
Bachelor of Commerce PKR 2000/-
Master of Commerce PKR 2000/-
BS- Development Studies PKR 2000/-
B.Tech (Civil/Electrical/Mechanical) PKR 1600/-
Reading Course Fee Same as Normal Fee
Cr. Hour Transfer Fee 1,000/-
Admission Fee (One Time) 5,000/-
Security Fee (One Time) 5,000/-
Semester Registration Fee (Per Semester) 3000/-
Misc. fee (Per Semester) 6,000/-
DL Charges (Per Course) 10,000/-
Semester Freeze Fee 10,000/-
Paper Retake Fee (Per Paper) 3000/-
Paper Recheck Fee (Per Paper) 2,000/-
Course Exemption Fee 2,000/-
Prospectus Fee 1,000/-
Late Fee Fine (Per Day) 200/-